Crumbolicious Crumb Cakes! Now What??? March 09, 2014 15:54

March 9, 2014

Now I have a name!  What's next?  Well I decided to incorporate my new crumb cake company.  I am officially called Crumbolicious Inc.   I incorporated in January of 2014. 


Next, I needed a logo.  I wanted my name to be most of my logo with a picture of the crumb cupcake in the middle of the O.  I hired someone to design my logo with my input, and it was created!


Now on to testing!  I had to get my crumb cakes ready for the public.  It is a lot different making a crumb cake for your friends and making a crumb cake that needs a specific shelf life!  I tested, and tested, and tested!   It took me from January of 2014-April of 2014 to get my product tested with packaging, labels and a shelf life.  I am not a big fan of the testing part, it is expensive, and very time consuming, however it is necessary!  I wanted my crumb cakes to be perfect when I presented them to the public!