My Very First Retail Client June 06, 2014 16:18

June 2014

I knew that I didn't want to just sell my crumb cakes at Farmer's Markets.  I had dreamed of getting my crumb cakes on the store shelves. 

Deciding where to start and who to solicit to was not an easy choice.  I decided to solicit to White Post Farms in Melville, NY.  I contacted them and asked if I could drop off samples of my crumb cakes.  They  responded that it was ok to give them some samples. 

When I dropped off the samples, I was so nervous!  I gave a minute pitch (if that long) and I was done.  I was hoping my crumb cakes would speak for themselves.

My crumb cakes were a hit and I had an order within 20 minutes!  I was shocked!  This couldn't be happening!  They liked my crumb cakes and wanted to carry them.  The feeling was so unbelievable!  I felt I could accomplish anything at that moment!

I started with White Post Farms in June of 2014.  I am coming up on a year with them and the experience has been amazing!  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to sell my crumb cakes there!