Picking A Name For My NY Style Crumb February 09, 2014 00:00

Picking your NY Style crumb cake company name.  Easy right!  Not really!  I did research on what is best for a company name.  Then I thought about it.    And thought about it!  What would be a great crumb cake company name?  I thought I would name my new crumb cake company after my Mom, Barbara Ann's Crumb Cake.  After all, it is her crumb cake recipe!  After reading a bit, naming it after a person could make it harder to sell in the future.  Sell in the future?  I haven’t even started yet, but I had to give that some consideration.  No one knows what the future of NY Style crumb cakes will be!  Back to the drawing board.  Ok, what is a catching crumb cake name?   Well, I decided I needed help.  I enlisted my family members to create a crumb cake company name that will grab the customer’s attention and keep us in their minds.  After many suggestions, my husband John is the one who came up with the name Crumbolicious Crumb Cakes!   I have to tell you, it is a name people remember!    I pronounce it as Crumb O licious!  When I talk to customers and people in general, they love the name!  That was what I was hoping for!  A name to remember! Crumbolicious Crumb Cakes!  Just like homemade!