3 NY Style Crumb Cake Flavors! November 06, 2014 00:00

When I first started this journey, I had three sizes of NY style crumb cakes and three flavors.  The first flavor was the NY style classic crumb cake.  The second was the Chocolate chip crumb cake.  The third was the Butter Pecan crumb cake.  I made them in three sizes, a cake, a large cupcake, and a mini crumb cake.  What I learned in my process is, while everyone loved the mini NY style crumb cakes, they had a very short shelf life and were very labor intensive to make!  I also had problems with the packaging of the mini NY style crumb cakes.  They would move around in the package, then if they flipped over, the customer would not want it because of its appearance.  As cute as they are, the NY style mini crumb cakes are only made for special order!