NY Style Crumb Cake - Butter Pecan! February 06, 2015 17:22

Since our NY style crumb cakes is so popular, we decided to continue with creating new flavors!  When I visited the Food Show in NYC, I came across a company that had unique  
flavors.  They make all natural flavors.  I tried their Butter Pecan and was amazed!  It was so delicious!  I was hopeful that this flavor would work well with my NY style crumb cake.
I did some testing, and more testing, and finally, I had the perfect Butter Pecan Crumb Cake! 
The response was amazing!  It is such a unique flavor, that my NY style crumb cake had some competition!  The NY style Butter Pecan Crumb Cake was born!
This Ny style crumb cake has a light butter pecan flavoring, then topped off with homemade icing and sprinkled with pecans!  It is actually my favorite so far!