So, my journey continues.  The grocery industry is very interesting!  I shop in a supermarket each week for my family.  I thought this would be the perfect place for my NY Crumb cakes
I contacted the store bakery buyer and asked him if I could drop off samples of my cakes.  He gave me the corporate location to deliver them.  I quickly went to work and baked a NY crumb cake, a chocolate chip crumb cake and a butter pecan crumb cake.  Then I delivered them the following day.
The feedback on the NY crumb cakes was good enough for the store to try them.  I made my first delivery on a Friday morning and had a scheduled in store demo for that Sunday.  In store demos are not easy to do! I had some help selling and we sold out of the cakes!  It was a great start. 
The supermarket placed another order for the NY Crumb Cake.  I delivered the following Thursday morning so the shelves would be full for the upcoming weekend.  Unfortunately, my NY Crumb Cakes did not sell all that well. 
They buyer of the store was great and helped me work with coupons.  He really tried to give my product a chance.  Unfortunately it was not meant to be.  My product is no longer in this store.  Due to the high cost of my NY Crumb cake and the short shelf life (due to no preservatives), this was not a perfect match for it. 
The lesson I learned with this account, when you solicit a food product to a store, know the store.  Just because you shop there, doesn’t mean the customers are all the same.  I couldn’t compete with a $4.99 crumb cake.  Even though my NY Crumb Cake was all natural, the supermarket I chose was not.  People were not willing to pay more for an all-natural NY Crumb Cake. 
The most important thing to do is learn from your mistakes.  Take away something from each experience and learn from it!  When I target supermarkets, I target ones who carry a large variety of all natural products.