Volunteering my time and an Old Fashioned Coffee Cake! August 04, 2015 17:28

I was honored to be included in volunteering for the day at a local soup kitchen.  H2M Architects located in Melville, NY sponsored the lunch at The Mary Brennan Inn Soup Kitchen, Hempstead, NY.    I tagged along with a few of the volunteers.  Since I do not have a large amount of time to volunteer my time or products like the New York Coffee Cake, I was thrilled to be a part of this. 
The day before I volunteered, I went to my kitchen and baked a special old fashioned coffee cake know from my company as the Classic Crumb Cake.  I baked this in a half sheet pans.  I made two of them.  The NY style crumb cake, came out perfect! 
The next morning, I drove to the inn with the crumb coffee cake.  I was so excited to work in the kitchen and help in any way that I could.  Since I brought the old fashioned coffee cake, I was put on deserts!  I helped cut up the NY style crumb cake into individual servings.  Then I was lucky enough to be behind the counter serving the guests. 
While the guests were so thankful for the food, I was more thankful for the opportunity to volunteer my time and old fashioned coffee cake.  I had one guest come up to me.  He just had to meet me!  He had about 8 pieces of the old fashioned coffee cake and he absolutely loved it.  It’s hard to describe the wonderful feeling when a NY style crumb cake that you created was so much enjoyed by all.  It is what keeps me going whenever I doubt myself.  The fact that whoever tries my old fashioned coffee cake, loves it, is what makes it all worth it!