Crumbolicious Chocolate Crumb Cake February 08, 2016 13:49

We received this message from a customer who sent a Chocolate Crumb Cake to a friend.  This was the friends response!

"This is how we eat Crumbolicious Chocolate Crumb Cake
in Wisconsin. (in a snowdrift) Yummy so delish! Thank you so much."


What am amazing feeling to have someone so far away enjoying a cake that I created!  We can ship our Crumb Cakes anywhere in the United States!  We bake and ship in the same day for you to receive the freshest cake possible! 

Not a fan of Crumb Cakes?  (crazy, I know, everyone loves crumb cakes lol) Try any of our cookies!  We offer cookie delivery to anywhere in the United States as well!  They are also baked and shipped in the same day.  Our top selling cookie is of course the Chocolate Chip cookie!

If you have any pictures of our products, please send them to

I would love to see them!

Have a great day!