Spending Time with My Son Tyler February 19, 2016 11:04

This week ours schools were closed for the February winter break.  I loved this time, because Tyler was back in the kitchen with me.   He is a senior in High School and will be attending college in the fall.  I do not get him in the kitchen often when school is in session.  

This week we are preparing for St. Patrick's Day.  We made a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, decorated for St. Patrick's Day, an Irish Cream Crumb Cake, Irish Cream Shortbread Cookies, and chocolate cupcakes with Irish Buttercream!  What fun!  

That was in addition to keeping up with orders!  We did it all!  With the help of Tyler, we were able to accomplish what we set out to do!

It was so nice to be able to work with him again.  I am looking forward to spring break so he can come and bake again with me!