College Care Package with Custom Note Cookie! ;) April 05, 2017 14:29

For your college student, we have the BEST care package!

Why do we have the best?  Well along with delicious brownies and cookies, you can include a note on a custom cookie! A delicious buttery shortbread cookie with special love from home.

 Sending a special message to your college student wishing them luck on their finals, is a great way to keep them going!  Everything is baked from scratch using all natural ingredients.  We never mass produce!

Encourage your college student with a positive note to help them get through finals!  Tell them how proud you are of them for working so hard throughout the year.  Our college care package covers it all!  Delicious treats and a special message from home, what could be better!

What a unique way to send your college student a great care package!