Crumb Cake Must Give Gift Boxes! December 07, 2016 14:05

We were thrilled to be featured on for our Crumb Cake gift box! 

The article reads:

"If you aren’t a baker, but want to give a sweet treat as a gift that you know people will love, then get one of the beautiful gift boxes from Crumbolicious. This small bakery creates a bunch of varieties of cookies, pies, breads and their signature crumb cakes that are made with the best ingredients and a little love in each box. The Butter Pecan Crumb & Cookie Assortment is especially delicious.  You can order one of dozens of gift options by going here."

Our crumb cake is baked from scratch using all natural ingredients.  Each cake is baked and shipped in the same day.  

Crumbolicious, it's not your ordinary crumb cake!