Crumbolicious - Treat Yo Self! April 25, 2016 11:53

We would like to thank Lauren at Better In Real Life for the wonderful article!


Here is part of the article:

"The second best part, which is why this service fits right into my world, is these boutique, hand-made baked goods are not found in rare boutique baked-good shops – they are found on the INTERNET! And then are delivered to your house – STILL FRESH – because they ship them out the same day they make them.

The post suggested idea was to talk about who I share cake with. And there are so many people I want to share cake with! My best friends, my husband, my mom, my children. All of the people! But I got the cake right after I go back from Miami and was working from home and basking in my exhausted alone time. And guess who I want to share cake with the most?"

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