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It's not your ordinary crumb cake!

About Us

Mom's Crumb Cake
Our signature creation is the Classic Crumb Cake. Made from an old family recipe and baked with love, this cake was Mom's specialty. If there was a family gathering, you can be sure her crumb cake was going to be there. 
We've kept Mom's recipe that brought a smile to everyone's face for so many years, and then we added delicious flavors and toppings to create our own unique goodies. We bake these scrumptious cakes, cookies, & brownies using only the best ingredients. You won't find any preservatives in our Crumb Cakes, cookies or brownies so you get an all-natural, tasty treat with every order.
We put a little bit of love in every bite, just like Mom did!
One of the lasting memories of my childhood is my mom's amazing crumb cake.
She brought it to every holiday and family gathering.
As my kids grew up, it became a running joke. My kids would look forward to the
cakes that always came with grandma's visits.
When I decided to start my own business, I used this family tradition my inspiration.
Today, we make our cakes just like Mom did. We use fresh ingredients and a whole lot
of love to create delicious desserts you can be proud to serve to your family.
We hope you love our Crumbolicious cakes enough to make them a part of your traditions too.