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Crumbolicious - My Story

I had been a stay at home Mom for 19 years when I started Crumbolicious.  I enjoyed spending time with my family and volunteering with the kids.  As they grew older, I found to have a lot of time on my hands.  I was baking like crazy to fill my day.  All my family and friends loved whatever I baked.  I decided to start a business.  I started my business with the Classic Crumb cake because it was a recipe from my Mom.  Whenever she came to visit, she would always bring a crumb cake.  The only difference between hers and mine is the homemade icing.  She would just sprinkle the sugar on top of the cake, I make it into an icing. 

When I decided on where I should sell my cakes, I had to create two more flavors.  I came up with the Chocolate Chip Crumb cake and the Butter Pecan Crumb cake.  I would solicit to stores with these three flavors.  You never really know how things will work, so I tried the wholesale route.  When you make one crumb cake, it’s easy, when you have to make 100 crumb cakes, not so easy!  The time it takes to create by hand 1 crumb cake, I couldn’t compete with the very inexpensive ones being sold in the stores.  I was not willing to compromise my cake to get the costs lower.  Ok, so now what?  I decided to start an online bakery.  With this I had to increase my product line.  Sounds easy right?  Not really.  I would not add a product until it has been completely tested and approved.  So my journey continued in creating crumb cakes. Right now we have 11 flavors.  The Apple Crumb was created this year for Thanksgiving.   The Blueberry is my sister Ellen’s favorite!  Personally, I love the butter pecan crumb cake.  After I made the different flavors, I wanted to expand and create something unique.  I created the Mexican Chocolate Cupcake!  This is a decadent chocolate cake with a little hint of spice.  This might be my favorite item (besides the Butter Pecan crumb cake), because I completely created it.  From the chocolate cake to adding the dulce de leche, and the chocolate ganache topping it off.  I ship them in a jar so my customers can experience this amazing dessert!   Ok, so now I have crumb cakes and 1 cupcake, I had to continue to create baked goods.  Another sister Judy (I have 4 sisters) suggested that I do cookies.  Around the Holidays, she always gives away beautiful platters of cookies.  Hence where the Cookie Platter came from.  I took her recipes and created that item.  I had never had a snickerdoodle cookie before.  Wow, they are so good!   The oatmeal raisin cookie, I changed the recipe to make my own.  I added a few ingredients to enhance the flavor to what I think is the best Oatmeal Raisin Cookie around!  I did this also with the chocolate chip cookie.  There are a million recipes out there for this, but I played around with the ingredients and created my own.  Again, I will not add a product to my site that has not been tested.  My family is very honest and critical with my cooking and baking!  They tell me if it is good or not!  It’s funny – the chocolate chip cookie was one of the hardest items to get just right!  Now that I had crumb cakes and cookies, I decided to create the gift box for you to send to loved ones, business associates.  They get all the great flavors of crumb cakes and cookies.  I also used the cookies to create a baby gift and a happy birthday gift.  My latest creation was the chocolate chip cookie cake!  I only have the happy birthday one, but since the flavors are spot on, I will be creating other sayings on them.

This business is a journey, one which is great and difficult all at the same time!  I wanted to bring back simple, yet delicious desserts that are not filled with chemicals.  Simply baked fresh and sent to you or a loved one.  All of my products are created by hand.  The crumbs are placed on the cakes by hand, the cookies are all scooped by hand.  I will continue to create new items to add to this site.  If you ever have something you want, please email me   We were asked to do party favors, that is how the small crumb cake was created!   I put a little love in every delicious crumb cake, cookie, & cupcake!  Just like Mom did!