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It's not your ordinary crumb cake!

Testimonial's - Review's

Below are some testimonials and reviews we have on some of our products!  If you like any of our products, please let us know!  Send us a picture and we can post on this page!

The crew at 99Robots enjoying a Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake!  What an awesome crew!


Some of the Nelson kids enjoying our Classic Crumb Cakes!


Classic Crumb Cake

"Snuck a piece of your crumb cake for breakfast - perfect with a cup of coffee :)"

Angela B.


Classic Crumb Cake

As definite must buy!!! I have had them and they are superb!!!

Barbara S.


Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake

“Sitting down to have a cup of coffee, & a piece of your crumb cake – phenomenal. Moist cake, nice proportion cake:crumbs, great cinnamon taste from the crumbs – wow!”
Adriann R. N.


Classic Crumb Cake

"Thank you so much for the coffee cake, Sydney said it's the best she ever had!!"

Teri Z.


Cookie Platter

Excellent transaction in all respects! I ordered the cookies Tuesday afternoon, they were baked and shipped on Wednesday, and they were in my hands on Friday. Excellent service. The cookies were well-packed and broken cookies were minimal. And most importantly, the cookies were fresh and tasted great!. Ask them about custom trays. Excellent communication by Dolores at Crumbolicious.



Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake 

What can I say but amazing!!!!!